Myanmar Mahar Htun Company Limited


Using the Singaporean technology and international standards, production of SIGMA wires and cables began in 2001 and received the ISO 9001:2008 recognition in 2011.

Raw Materials

The main raw materials used in making the SIGMA Wires and Cables are 99.99 percent Pure Cathode Copper from Kyaysintaung and Grade (A) PVC Compound imported from Singapore.


The SIGMA Wires and Cables have 100 percent electric flow and they can resist temperatures up to 70 degrees celcius.


Annually, the factory produces different types of wires and cables including phone cables of 15,000,000 meters in length. (that includes 150,000 wire and cable coils each of which is 100 meters.)


  1. Copper Rod
  2. Single Core PVC  (one cover)
  3. Single Core PVC (two cover)
  4. Multi Core PVC (two cover)
  5. Drop Wire (Phone cable)

SIGMA Wires and Cables are tested with the following machines before leaving the factory.

  1. Tensile Strength
  2. Water Bath
  3. Profile Projector
  4. Digital Low Resistance Meter
  5. Wallace Multi cell Ageing Chamber
  6. Fault Locator

Advantages of using SIGMA Wires and Cables

  1. Electric flow 100 % as the copper purity is 99.99%
  2. Flexible, easy to handle and install due to the annealing system used on copper
  3. Made with international standards to have low resistance and provide full electricity flow, preventing breakage, low power or under voltage issues
  4. Made with international standard PVC compound which can withstand up to 70 degrees celcius heat, preventing wire or electric shock caused by melted outer shell
  5. Produced in accordance with BS 6004, BS 6346, IEC 227, IEC 502 standards
  6. Wire strands are made precise according to standard sizes

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